About the book...



A children's book, inspired by nature, elements, tribes and animals and coexisting on Earth.

The book is intertwined with pleasant and flowing words that describe in a circular way the formation and being of each of the four elements - earth, water, fire and air - and the story of creation inviting us to live together and share the gift in each of us ...

The book suitable from 2 to 7 years old and even up, depending on the unique development of each child and his curiosity, I've heard about 9 year olds who continue to enjoy the book ...

At the younger age, with the words highlighted, you can, together with an older person, read and connect between the highlighted word for the painting and slowly add details to a later age where there is already patience and interest in the full story.

The book is also enchanting in it fascinating paintings and can serve as theoretical and intriguing material for working together. It may open the door to broader questions and learning in order to become acquainted with the living and the surrounding.


Much work has been done on the book!

Paintings - Tamar Berry, a friend whom I had the pleasure of working with. A talented artist that with an amazing ease she could draw what I described to her and fly with imagination and brush ...

Design and production - Studio "The Green Man", Orian and Amir Shavit, dear to my heart! Thanks! 

Editing by Daniela Barley and Orian Shavit

Website - Karin Nagler


In order to sustain what I felt in the first place - that as many children as possible will grow up on these book, the price is as fair as possible.



# What's next? How can we help?


Now that you've read about these books, I'd love you to know that you can take part in the process and I'd be happy to do that!

Tell your freinds about the book,  buy, advertise and distribute in any way possible ...

You can also contribute any amount you wish for the purpose of completing the reimbursement of expenses and translations, you are invited to transfer the amount by PayPal and write to me the e-mail of the books the amount transferred and its purpose (support reimbursement / translation etc.)

You are also invited to help me find those who believe in these books and want to finance translation into any language ...



Thanks to all those who help and support in every way and form.

with love!



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